Ancient Mystery

The yellow birch in this accent table was harvested from its ancient forest habitat over 150 years ago. Struggling to grow through the mature forest canopy, the trees represented in this piece developed very closely-spaced annual growth rings. This incredible wood was long preserved in the cold, oxygen-deprived watery depths of Lake Superior for all those years since being harvested and sinking to the lake bottom, too dense to float its way to the lumber market.

The design grew out of the clients' desire for a simple, light and open piece that provides a convenient surface for guests to place items while visiting. The dark heartwood of the legs lift the piece up and out of the lake depths, supporting the sapwood top whose large chatoyant waves of grain are reminiscent of the formidable waves of the Great Lake where it was recently rediscovered.

The shop made brass brackets provide secure anchorage of the top to the stand. Two center brackets are fixed, while four outboard brackets are two-part assemblies that allow for seasonal expansion and contraction of the top due to natural changes in relative humidity.

Materials Yellow birch and shop made brass brackets

Finish Beeswax polish over oil and resin blend

Dimensions 40" long x 10 3/4" wide x 36" tall

Status This commissioned piece resides with the Minnesota client