Mahogany Buffet

This buffet cabinet was commissioned as a continuation of a design theme already established in the dining room of the client’s home. The original pieces included a sideboard and a corner china cabinet which were designed and made in 2003 by Peter Wykes, a local Minnesota woodworker. When called upon to make this third piece, and having recently retired from full-time woodworking, Peter generously provided his client with my name. I am very grateful to have been entrusted by Peter and the client with the making of this piece.

This new cabinet was derived from key design elements of the three-drawer tier of the sideboard, and the base and bottom tier of the corner china cabinet. Here is a link to a photo of the client’s corner china cabinet, and to a nearly identical version of the sideboard from two years earlier for which Peter had received the Peer Award at the 2001 Northern Woods Exhibition. At the client's request, the design themes present in these existing pieces were studied and translated into this new form to house a collection of silver and china.

Materials Honduran mahogany, sapele, pommele sapele and maple

Finish Exterior: Oil and resin blend; Interior: Shellac; beeswax polish

Dimensions 21 3/8" deep x 60 3/8" wide x 34 1/4" tall

Status This commissioned piece resides with the Minnesota client