As a woodworker, I found Craig’s attention to detail fantastic ― the most exquisite finishing work.
— Bill (Northern Woods Exhibition)

A sapling in the early 1500s, the 330+ year old yellow birch used in this entry hall mirror was recently reclaimed from the watery depths where it sank after being logged over 150 years ago. The grayish and subtle golden discolorations are evidence of the tree's long, submerged history. It was an honor to work with this beautiful reclaimed old-growth wood.

Made of solid wood, this piece features open mortise and tenon corner joints in the mirror frame, doweled cabinet joinery, frame and panel cabinet backs, hand-cut dovetail drawers, and shop-made brass knife hinges and wall hangers. In our very first furniture collaboration, the mirror backing was designed and handwoven by Carol.

Materials Yellow birch, kwila, maple, bird’s eye maple and brass

Finish Beeswax polish on yellow birch; shellac and beeswax polish on kwila, bird's eye maple panels and interior of drawers

Dimensions 5 3/4" deep x 31 3/8" wide x 29 1/2" tall

Status Available for purchase, this piece is currently at Studio Tupla. Please contact us for an appointment to view this piece.