Two Per Cubic Inch

Very simple, very elegant design. Beautiful handcut joinery, especially on such a small scale and with the number of dovetails that you have. Very simple, very pretty piece.
— Judge (Northern Woods Exhibition)

This pencil holder was a delightful exercise in dovetail joinery. Hand-cut dovetails are featured with a total of thirty-six pins and thirty-six tails adorning the corners of this diminutive eighteen cubic inch piece (2 dovetails/in3 ), hence, its unusual name.

The very thin sides and bottom are made of off-cuts from the “Building a Mystery” buffet cabinet, showing how adaptive this natural material can be when used in pieces of vastly different scales.

Materials Kwila and big leaf maple

Finish Shellac and beeswax polish

Dimensions 2 1/8" deep x 2 1/8" wide x 4" tall

Status Sold and now residing in a Minnesota home