Transcribed judge's comment from the 2010 Northern Woods Exhibition:

"I was lucky enough to come across this just when I was finishing judging and immediately knew I had seen the Best in Show. Flawless design, flawless execution; this is of the highest quality. The lip on the top is recognized more so by only furniture makers, but that's an extremely important detail and executed with perfection. How the design grows out of the veneers to the hardwood, to the top, is perfection itself. Was very, very, very excited to come across this piece and it's been a pleasure being able to look through it and work on it. I could make up something that I thought was wrong, but that wouldn't be... that'd be disingenuous. It is a model of restrained perfection. Everything pulls together and it wouldn't mean anything except without the absolutely perfect fabrication. This is as nice as it gets and like I said, it's an honor and a pleasure being able to see this piece. Very, very well done."

― Judge #3