Jeffersonian Book Stand

"The wood is no longer growing in soil, but the Jeffersonian Book Stand is growing a story that will continue for generations." ― Client

In recognition of the piece's first anniversary, the client further comments on its meaning:

"The Story Begins...

"The confluence of function, form, history, and ancestry in a single heirloom is a rare gift. An initial request for a hand-crafted addition to my library grew unexpectedly into a treasure for generations.

"The Jeffersonian Book Stand is an early 18th Century multitasking research tool holding up to five open books simultaneously.

"Craig applied his skill and pulled from function, a work of art. I hear the verse from Simon & Garfunkel's 1968 song Scarborough Fair:

...without a seam or fine, needle work...

"The song references a cambric shirt and like soft cloth, the finished wood is as pleasing to the touch. His artistry lead fingertips to deny the seams visible to the eye.

"The history invoked is the intellectual traditions of Jefferson's Life of the Mind made more accessible with the Book Stand's unique function.

"The piece is reminiscent of a genealogical tree. The adjustable shelves are branches; and the books, leaves. I have two family branches from the early 1500s in England.  With names and locations as an anchor I can hold one finger on England, and with a quarter-turn of the globe, mark the location in North America near Lake Superior and remark,

While Robert Wright with Mary Green in Essex and Thomas Greswold with Alice Parker in Warwickshire were all children, 4000 miles away a yellow birch emerged from the soil of an old growth forest.

"Every time I see my Folio Ambo I notice its base and recall ancestors from the trunk of my family tree.

"My expectations were surpassed by Craig's artistry. I am most pleased by the Jeffersonian book stand, its beauty, soft touch, and the associations growing from its heartwood."

― Client