Judge's written comment from the 2012 Northern Woods Exhibition:

"The end-grain of the doussie is beautifully exploited. The sizes and spacing of the niches or notches is very musical. Proportions and asymmetry have perfect pitch visually." ― Judge #2

Transcript of recorded comment:

"Twelve thirty-six, Serenity. I could not have picked a better title for this piece. Every square inch of it is beautifully considered: the figure; the way the panels in the front swell and move aside for these inlaid doussie end-grain squares; the way they are expressed with reveals all the way around; the different sizes of the squares and the disposition of them is, to my eye, really musical. I like the quartered figure used in the frame, the very quiet little indent that gives you access to it and the way it opens, and the way the back panel responds to the asymmetry of the front with a similar offset layout. Very delicate, very beautifully done in every one of its details; a piece that I would have been really proud to build myself." ― Judge #2