“Congratulations on your well-deserved Award of Excellence in Wood at the St. Paul show! In a field of talented artists, your work truly stood out for your masterful combination of tradition and the unexpected.”

― American Craft Council

2019 Award of Excellence in Wood ― ACC Saint Paul Show

“We selected this artist as best in show because of the obvious love and respect for the medium we champion and celebrate: wood. Craig Johnson’s work emphasizes the beauty and integrity of natural materials, each piece reveals his mastery of craft and understanding of the unique properties of each species he uses. His descriptive texts, booth images, and, truly, his very way of being in the booth reflects his affinity for this incredible material.”

― American Association of Woodturners

“Craig designed and constructed an accent table for us.  What a pleasure it is to work with Craig, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the finished table.  It is a work of art that fits the space beautifully.  The clean lines and subtle curves are just what we were looking for.  We always point out the special design touches that Craig incorporated in the table and the reactions are always the same…”Wow, where did you get this table?”  From start to finish, Craig’s artistry and pride in fine craftsmanship are evident for all to see.”

― Client

"The intent of the chair's design for "active upright sitting" is evident — and appreciated! The craftsmanship & materiality of the chair are excellent and wonderful to behold. Without sitting or touching, one gets such an immediate sense of how it might be — the texture of the woven cord, the simple upright seat back... I can imagine pulling this seat up to a working table — or setting down here for a quiet, but deliberate contemplation... Really fine work!"

— Chrissy Lee

"Once again your attention to details is second to none. I find a continuous stream of inspiration from both the physical articles, but also your website. The black and white photography and story telling provide much insight and inspiration. I  always look forward with anticipation to your next project and storyline. Thanks."

— Duane