Service Support

I enjoy making fine furniture and, in doing so, always strive to make each new piece my best work. The furniture I make is uniquely fashioned from natural materials, using hand tools and a few simple woodworking machines in my small, one-man woodworking studio. I've grown to understand that the key to long-term enjoyment of finely crafted wood furniture comes through an understanding of how it came to be. Because each piece is unique, I encourage your involvement, talking with me directly about its design, materials, joinery, finishes, set-up (if required), as well as ongoing care and maintenance. The more you know about your one-of-a-kind furniture, the more likely it is that its life story will also be an interesting and enjoyable part of yours.

If, at any time, you have questions about the care and maintenance of the furniture I make, please do not hesitate to CONTACT me. In the event you feel service work is needed on your Studio Tupla furniture, please let me know so we can discuss options. I also invite you to view our WARRANTY and REGISTRATION information by clicking on these links.

Thank you!