Xylos Gallery Move-in

At the 2010 Northern Woods Exhibition, I met a great group of woodworkers who inspired me to apply for partnership in Xylos, a cooperative gallery of fine woodwork in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Xylos Gallery

Since "making the cut" and signing-on this month as one of eleven partners, it's been a busy time of learning the ropes and preparing pieces for exhibit on the gallery floor.

Kwila Sideboard

I've moved-in my Building a Mystery buffet cabinet.

Arbutus Wall Cabinet

Serenity wall cabinet...

Yellow Birch Letter Box

and last, but not least, my Love Letters box.

The gallery is located at a small commercial crossroads in the Fulton neighborhood of southwest Minneapolis; just a few blocks from Lake Harriet. This is a fun part of town, with much to see and do.

The partners have put together a lot of fine work for display in the gallery, representing a wide range of artistic style and function, from boxes to chairs, traditional to contemporary; and there is always an expert furniture maker there to discuss what you see in the gallery, or perhaps a new project designed and made just for you.

Xylos Storefront

Each of the gallery partners takes his or her turn at tending the shop. If you happen by Xerxes and 50th on 7/29 or 7/31, I'll be there, ready to greet you... so please stop on in! I'll show you around.