What's Next?

Coming up is a commission for a client wishing to match the design theme established by another local furniture maker. That maker, now retired, has honored me with this referral. I am very grateful for the opportunity. The existing pieces include a corner china cabinet and a sideboard. These will set the stage for the design of the new piece which will be a large buffet cabinet. The images above and below are of pommele sapele veneer. In preparation for this piece, I've obtained four sequenced sheets that have an outstanding figure, very much like that in the original pieces.

A wood that will be used for pulls and a bit of veneer and edge banding is the Peruvian walnut shown below. It has a rich, even, brown color. I'm already thinking about how I can use the leftovers for another piece in the future!

The main wood for the buffet will be Honduran mahogany. This plank, checking in at 75.625 board feet is a monster, especially considering it has been settling in the living room acclimating to the humidity of our home studio. This is a good example of one of the disadvantages of a small studio. You need to be a little creative when it comes to storing wood.

I also needed to find a place for the 2' square plinth that I'll be using to display my black walnut chair on later this month. This has actually turned out to be an advantage though, since with this oversized white block masquerading as an end table, it makes it so that one hardly even notices the 4" x 22" x 123.75" mahogany plank behind the couch!

I'll have a few wrap-up posts for the chair project over the next few weeks as I finish the chair and bring it to a series of three exhibitions beginning the end of this month. Please stay tuned-in. In the meantime, the buffet is ramping up!

Hej då and happy shavings!