Webframe and Shelves

The webframe that forms the bottom of the three drawer pockets for the mahogany buffet is fitted to the cabinet and ready for edge softening with the block plane.

I finished the interior maple portion with shellac.

And the exterior mahogany edgeband with oil.

After a bit of wax, the webframe was ready to be glued to the main cabinet.

In the meantime, I prepared the shelves for the front edgebands.

The large edgeband on the front is first fitted and glued to the panel.

Then, it is beveled with a hand plane to visually lighten the front edge.

Here's the portion that the plane removed to form the bevel.

The back edgeband was added before the face veneers and now looks like this from the end of the shelf.

Just like the rest of the interior, the shelves now get several light coats of shellac followed by wax.

Here's a shot of the main assembly out of the clamps.

Work on the top is next!

Hej då and happy shavings!