Vidar's Finish

This beach towel provided a soft surface to lay down Vidar's Chair. With glue-ups completed, all the woodworking is behind us. Now it was time for an inch-by-inch (for my friends out there living in the real world, that's "cm-by-cm") inspection of the surfaces... with the help of T-Rex, of course.

I also wiped down the entire piece with mineral spirits to clean it up. I focused mainly at the joinery areas where I used beeswax to catch incidental glue squeeze-out. The finish for this piece will be the Krenovian favorite: 1/3 tung oil : 1/3 Waterlox : 1/3 mineral spirits. I spent about 15 minutes wiping on and refreshing the finish before beginning to wipe it off with clean rags.

After 24 hours the finish had set quite well and was ready for a second coat.

With other woods I'd consider a third coat, but with the white oak two will suffice. Seat wrap is next. Time to get the Danish cord ready!

Hej då and happy shavings!