The Upper Tier

There was a lot of preparation required to get ready for assembly of the backs, partition and end panels for the mahogany buffet. Photos above and below show the clamping set-up I used. Six joints... six glue-ups. Thanks to Carol, my trusty glue-up buddy, it all went very smoothly. This was one situation where I needed only light clamping pressure, but my only clamps long enough are very heavy, so I had to make sure I supported the weight of the clamps to keep them from falling to the floor and damaging the cabinet on the way down. The protective sheet of cardboard was just added insurance.

Here's the cabinet back all glued up.

The joints between partition and back panels look like this; two adjacent softened edges at each side of each joint. This will provide thin shadow lines similar to the doors on the front side of the cabinet.

Here's how the joints came together. using a couple of splines for alignment.

And at the corners...

Next it was time to prepare a template with a pattern for boring holes into the bottom edge of the assembly. I also, bored a matching set of holes in the cabinet bottom earlier.

A piece of maple serves to guide the drill. I'm using multiple holes in the maple since they tend to get enlarged with use. When one gets sloppy, I move on to the next.

I'm just about ready to glue this assembly to the cabinet bottom, but I've had to place an order for more clamps that I expect will arrive later this week. No time lost, however, as I dive into preparations for the drawer tier. Don't worry, the investment of time and material is safely tucked away under protective blankets.

I broke out some maple for the web frame that supports the drawers.

And milled it to dimension and cut the needed joinery.

A little prefinishing with shellac and wax...

And it's time for more glue-ups.

I'll escape the Halloween events of this week by keeping my nose to the grindstone.

Hej då and happy shavings!