The Final Coffee Table Glue-up

In order to complete the cross beams for the Child of the Hunter coffee table, I will need to do some work on the top to finalize the position of its irregular shape on the stand. After that's done, I can then cut the cross beams to length based on their relationship to the natural edges.

Above, I've located the centerline of the stand and then laid out the locations for all of the bracket pins that will help to secure the top planks as well as the center slats. Below, I'm boring the pin holes extra deep to allow for the brass bracket thickness as well as any leveling that I may need to do once the cross beams are glued in place. More on that later in next week's post.

To precisely position the top, I first need to joint the straight edges, ensuring that they are square to the plank and straight as an arrow. Also, I'm using my wooden jointer to creep up on a nicely balanced symmetry for the book matched grain graphics.

Below, shows the final jointed edges positioned together and the resulting book match.

Next, I bored the pin holes into the underside of the top planks.

With temporary wooden dowels in place, I can then place the planks into their final position.

Below, you can see the central area that has been set aside for the slats. Those will be covered in a future post.

Meanwhile, at the outside edges, I can now mark the location of the natural edge relative to the cross beams. I've chosen to cut the cross beam ends at a slight angle beginning about 1/2" under the lower edge on the side shown in the image below. On the opposite side of the table, the natural edge slopes in the opposite direction; there I chose to set the cross beam end cuts 1-1/2" back from the natural edge.

After cutting the cross beams to length on the table saw, I then softened the edges and did final preparation of the surfaces.

The photo below shows the dowel pins ready for the glue-up of the cross beam saddle joints.

And here it is: The final coffee table glue-up.

There's more to do with the top before the piece is ready for the oil finish. I'll save that for next week.

Hej då and happy shavings!