The Checkerboard Parquetry

I wasn't kiddin' in my last post about the large number of glue joints. Take this one parquetry panel for example; 64 pieces in the checkerboard pattern and 4 pieces in the border. That adds up to a whopping 67 fit/glue operations. The yawn you're experiencing as you read these stats will hopefully be replaced with a big smile when you eventually see the finished panel!

A lot of measuring has been going on as I fit these pieces together. A squaring of the checkerboard pattern as I plane the perimeter squares to their final size has me ready to fit the border.

In the second video to find its way to our blog, I'm just showing a bit of planing on the shooting board. With the checkerboard squared up, I'm able to make simple 45° angles on the ends of the border to get a nice tight fit.

As I approach the final fit of the part, I make just one pass and check it again... and so on, until it's good to go and ready for glue-up.

Double and triple checking the fit before committing with glue.

Here it is!

I'm anxious to do the final surface prep and finishing, but that will have to wait until later.

For now, it's into the bag with it and on to the next...

Hej då!