Teaching and Doing - A Good Balance

Last week's beginning weaving class was full of truly delightful people, enthusiastic and eager to absorb it all. And like all other classes, I learned from them as well. The photo above is a student's very first handwoven project, and a fine example of the nice work done by this class. They should all be quite proud of the wonderful scarves and table runners they created - such talented new weavers!

A first handwoven table runner (look at those fantastic selvedges!)

A beautiful handwoven scarf

I thoroughly enjoy teaching, but here's the paradox: I'm also a bona fide introvert. So, even though teaching can be a fun and rewarding experience, when the class is done, I find my equilibrium again by getting back to my loom and working quietly. 

I normally listen to the radio while weaving, but for a day or two after a week of teaching a big class, I'll keep the radio quiet, and fully immerse myself in the clickety clack of the loom, letting myself be mesmerized by the back and forth of the shuttle. In a few weeks, I'll be in the classroom again to help create a new batch of weavers. I think I'm a better teacher because I weave, and my students inspire me to be a better weaver. It's all good.

Brightly colored towels for Springtime