Echoing Parquetry

I've been watching Craig create the panels for his book stand, and the rotated squares seem to have resonated with me. Squares within squares is always a fun idea to play with, so I thought I'd do exactly that. I could get a similar feel to the checkerboard pattern by using one of the classic Scandinavian dräll weave structures, or two-block turned twill. Those Swedes are masterful at taking a rigid framework of blocks and making them flow beautifully from one to another.

Come on in ― the Water's Fine!

It's been a hot and humid summer so far, and that's no news flash for anyone. Fortunately, I've been able to spend quite a bit of time at our guild teaching classes and private lessons, which I enjoy immensely. (They have great air conditioning there, too, so three cheers for that.) But there is weaving to be done, too. So what's the best way to beat the heat and still produce some good stuff? Dive into a pool of these cool, cool colors!

Summer Encore

Warp Chains

The leaves are turning to vibrant colors, and while the calendar says it’s autumn, we’re having a nice warm and sunny stretch.  I know I should be weaving in the traditional fall colors, especially for upcoming events and sales, but these turquoise colors gave me one last shout from the shelves.  So, a batch of bright cotton towels to pay homage to the summer that has come to an end.

I Like it, But...

Finnish Fibonacci Blocks Towel

The first time my work received a critique that began with "I like it, but...", my spirit sank just a bit, but I quickly learned to recognize this as both a compliment and an opportunity. Critiques help me to better understand what other people would like to see, which in turn helps me in future designs. Sometimes, these conversations lead to a collaboration or a commission for a custom piece.