MacRostie Art Center Juried Exhibition

If you happen to find yourself in northern Minnesota on August 3rd, please join Carol and me at the opening reception for the 20th Annual Juried Show at the MacRostie Art Center in Grand Rapids. For more information about the gallery, please check out their website. I'll be showing "Resurgence", my entry hall mirror with flanking key cabinets. We hope to see you there!

Hej då, and happy shavings!


Creating Drawer Pockets

Test Fitting a Horizontal Partition

The fitting of parts has got to be the most fun there is in fine cabinetmaking. I really mean it. Sharp tools, precise measurements, a little patience; and you're good to go! I should tell you that precise measurement doesn't mean I'm getting out the micrometer or even the measuring tape. No, all I need are a simple straightedge and a square. What I'm measuring or looking for when I apply the instrument to the wood, or when fitting together two pieces of wood, are gaps. Gaps can show up as thin dark lines if lit from in front or slivers of light if lit from behind. Eliminate the lines and photons, and the parts will be fitted and ready for final surface preparation.

Cabinet Assembly Continues

Gluing Cabinet Sides to Bottom

The Entry Hall Mirror project has served as a fill-in between other projects. This allows me to always keep busy, but I have to stay alert to make sure the parts are well protected as I move about the shop attending to other things. The glue-up of the cabinets has gone well. Here, you see the left cabinet side being glued to the bottom. That was immediately followed by a glue-up of the right cabinet side.