Jeffersonian Book Stand

Gallery Debut - Jeffersonian Book Stand

The Jeffersonian Book Stand has now found its proper home with the Minnesota collector who came to me with the idea for this piece. It's really been a fun project!

I spent the last several days getting used to a new camera as I photographed the piece, and have just today uploaded the images to share with you via the website. You can find them in the Woodworking Gallery along with a more complete description of the piece. Also, if you've missed out on my blog posts chronicling its making, you can check them out here.

Please let me know your thoughts on my interpretation of a very unique historic piece! I look forward to hearing from you.

Hej då... and happy shavings!


Final Stage

Here I am again, eking out the last little bit of wood from the original yellow birch plank for the Jeffersonian Book Stand. This is precious stuff, so I've planned the waste for the bevel under the book ledges to include this serious check in the wood. It worked out fine (I had almost a sixteenth of an inch to spare!) and the side panels were glued up and shaped without a hitch...