So Long... Serenity

Serenity is a small wall cabinet I completed during the Craftsman Program at Inside Passage School of Fine Cabinetmaking. Now, after almost five chaotic years touring in art shows and galleries it has finally found a permanent home in Wisconsin. Peace, at last. Ahh... serenity.

The picture above was taken in the school gallery during the first semester student and faculty show. It was a real treat to have the piece displayed beside a cabinet-on-stand by James Krenov, advisor to the school. JK had given a small off-cut of curly maple from one of his cabinets to my teacher, Robert Van Norman; and he, in turn, gave it to me to use on the drawer fronts for Serenity. Thank you again, Robert; and thank you, JK; for everything.

So, this piece symbolizes my connection to this craft; a connection that I found with the help of my teachers. In this project, I used many new hand tools for the first time ever. Above is a picture of a small carving knife that I made during the program. These images evoke a lot of great memories for me; memories of learning new skills, and more importantly, a way of working that has led me to more enjoyment of this craft than I ever could have imagined.

Finally, for an hour yesterday, I looked the piece over, making sure it was cleaned-up and ready for life in its new home.

Tomorrow, when this piece is finally in the hands of its new owner, I hope this little cabinet gives them as much enjoyment as it has given me in making it.

Hej då and happy shavings!