Ready for Coffee!

In my previous post for this Child of the Hunter coffee table I completed the surface preparation. Now, I've set up for applying two coats of a blend of oil and resin. First, the stand. Then the top slats.

And finally, the two large top planks.

Final rubbing of the finish to remove the excess and to carefully inspect it for flaws.

The brass bracket mortises were masked with tape to keep the finish out of the bracket pin and screw holes.

Following one last inspection of the parts, reassembly of the top begins.

Part of my agreement with the clients on this piece was to present it to the public at both the American Craft Council show at RiverCentre in Saint Paul, Minnesota where it was very well received, and the Northern Woods exhibition to be held later this week at Eden Prairie Center in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. A special thank you is in order to the generous clients who have been patiently awaiting delivery of this piece as it makes its public tour!!!

Click on the image below for a photo tour of the completed Child of the Hunter coffee table.

I hope you enjoyed following these blog posts on the making of this piece. I look forward to seeing you at the Northern Woods exhibition later this week so I can show it to you in person.

Hej då and happy shavings!