Plaited Twill


The hallmark of a twill weave is the diagonal lines that form as a contrasting weft crosses the warp. The classic example is good old denim jeans. In this "plaited twill", the diagonals are arranged in such a way as to produce a fascinating optical illusion - it looks like the two colors are braided together on a larger scale, on top of the interlacement that forms the cloth itself. It is great fun to weave as I watch the pattern emerge.

I decided to use this pattern for table linens (a set of placemats and maybe a runner or two, at the end of the warp) because it is interesting without being distracting. Red is a good color for kitchens and dining rooms, as it suggests the warmth of the hearth fire, and stimulates the appetite. It is appropriate for festive occasions, as well as every day meals. Besides, it is certainly a cheerful color to work with.