Oh, The Possibilities!

One of the best things about weaving is that the possibilities are virtually unlimited, and it would take many lifetimes to explore them all. Even weavers who have been working at this craft for decades will tell you that they have barely scratched the surface. Curoisity compelled me to actually do the math, and I found that even a 4 shaft twill could yield a number of combinations that quickly exceeds the scientific notation capacity of my calculator. Not all of them are worth weaving, but still, that's a big number. Then there are all the colors and fibers to add into the mix, so you get the idea - lots of possibilities.

Sample treadlings (photo is rotated, warp runs left to right)

While waiting for some fiber for another order, I put on a short warp of fine bamboo, enough for a couple of scarves. I found an interesting threading and tie-up combination in a nice book by Wanda Shelp and Carolyn Wostenberg. I tried out some of their treadlings and then a few of my own. It wasn't easy, but I chose a couple of them to use for the scarves. Once I saw the different variations come to life in the cloth, I instantly wished I had put on a much longer warp!

Finished bamboo scarves