New Year Neutrals

View from the Studio

We tend to keep our holidays relatively low-key around here, but even so, it seems like the new year brings with it a contrasting quiet. The beautiful snowfalls muffle the sounds of the city, and are quite calming to those lucky enough to work at home – my daily commute is a mere flight of stairs to my attic studio!

I finished off the last warp from 2010, and did a bit of routine loom maintenance. Now, for some reason it seemed fitting, as a clean slate perhaps, that my first new warp of the year use some lovely neutral tones – organic cotton in cream, caramel and a bit of black. (A cleansing of the palette, so to speak.)

Organic cottons on the warping board

These organic cottons will be woven in a version of Finnish lace, my personal favorite combination of yarns and weave structure for towels – starting the new year with a bit of comfort food for the loom.