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We had a special visitor last week! My friend and teacher, Robert Van Norman, stopped by the studio. Robert is the founder, also Resident Craftsman and teacher, of the Inside Passage School of Fine Cabinetmaking in Roberts Creek, British Columbia. Our local woodworkers guild invited Robert to present at our annual three-day Fall Seminar. In spite of the fact that I've studied with Robert on three separate occasions for a total of about 13 months, it's still good to catch a bit of review now and again. The seminar was very well received by the members, and generated a lot of interest in the James Krenov way-of-working that is the main focus of the school.

Well, last week the desk project saw the completion of the butterfly keys; twelve in all. Here I chop the sides of a socket.

After gluing in the butterfly, I then plane it roughly flush with the top. The final surface prep of the top will come next week.

And, here it is. Another butterfly bites the dust.

And now below, a brief moment of silence for the clamping of the twelfth and final butterfly.

The next step is to accurately position the top on the stand and finalize the centerline cuts for the two halves.

What might appear above to be consternation, is merely a moment of quiet study and reflection. Next, I lay down the lines for the cuts.

Meanwhile, up in the living room, the stand awaits the fitting of the top. We had a small get-together at the house the other day during Robert's visit. It was a good thing they were woodworkers, we could at least talk about the furniture that was in the middle of the room.

I brought up the tops and set them on the stand. Adding blue tape on the pencil lines allowed me to get a better idea of how the grain lines would work once they are cut. There's no turning back, you know! Measure twice, cut once, as they say.

I used a straight edge and jig saw to cut the edges.

The jig saw leaves a surprisingly smooth surface. A little jointing with the hand plane and they're ready to test fit on the stand.

I decided to take another pass at the left plank below. And here is the final result.

Tomorrow, I'll scribe and cut the curved ends of the planks. I also plan to get the first coat of finish on the stand. It will be an exciting week.

Hej då and happy shavings!