Let the Glue Flow

Up until now, the mahogany buffet cabinet bottom has been in two parts. It's time to make them one. After the final surface preparation, I softened the edges of the upper half with a block plane and then prefinished the mitered edgeband with oil followed by beeswax polish.

Then it was time for a glue-up.

After fine-tuning the flatness of the assembled bottom with a smoothing plane, I prefinished the top (interior side) with shellac and beeswax.

Success of the next glue-up is critical to preserve the significant investment of time and effort already committed to each of the parts. With so much at stake I was careful not to rush the preparations. My freelance glue-up buddy came over to the studio early enough in the day to go through a complete dry run that included all steps, except for the glue, of course. The rehearsal went well, so we proceeded with the glue-up. Here's the front of the cabinet; glue-up completed.

The back view.

Thanks again go out to my glue-up buddy for his patience and attention to detail. The glue-up went very, very well. About four hours later the glue had set up sufficiently to remove the squeeze-out from the joinery. Time to return to work on the upper drawer section of the cabinet.

Hej då and happy shavings!