Felder FB 510 Bandsaw Delivery

Well, the old Grizzly bandsaw has now been retired and replaced by this new Felder FB 510. So, I figure when one goes to the trouble of asking a bunch of good Austrians on the other side of the Atlantic to make him a bandsaw, its worth a bit of celebration and recognition when it arrives!

I ordered the saw in February and had been anxiously awaiting its arrival since then. Realizing that the new saw would require a bit more airflow than I currently had, I looked for a replacement to my old AMT dust extractor. This JDS Cyclone makes a huge improvement in the air quality of the studio.

The bandsaw is solid. All 550 lbs. of it. I've made a few test cuts and things are looking good. The 18 7/8" cutting width and the 16 1/8" cutting height are nothing to sneeze at either. This will provide me with a lot more flexibility in my milling processes.

Before I get back to Vidar's Chair, I just wanted to share a bit of what it took to get this bandsawing beast into the basement where my studio is located. My good friends and fellow woodworkers, Jason and Richard stopped by to assist. Please check out their work online at J. Holtz Furniture and Richard Helgeson Furniture. I could not have done this without the team effort. Thank you! The following video sums up the operation.

Well, it's now time to get back to work on Vidar's Chair and see how those resting crest rails are doing.

Hej då and happy shavings!