Entry Hall Mirror to the Gallery

Completed in April, the Entry Hall Mirror was previously on display at the Northern Woods Exhibition in Edina, Minnesota. It's time now to place this piece in the website gallery and, beginning tomorrow, at Xylos, where you can see it in person.

We are always working to improve the photography of our work, and try to make improvements with each new completed piece. This time we were very fortunate to receive some professional tutelage from a kind and generous friend. Carol and I learned a ton and hope you will begin seeing the impact of what we learned in this and future photo shoots. Thanks, Dave!

Here's a view of the set-up. We basically cleared out the living room (a great opportunity to do some cleaning) and temporarily turned it into a photography studio. Space is at a premium here, but this worked out well. We've discovered that lighting is a huge challenge for us and expect it will take some time to learn the nuances. The biggest lesson this week was with the white balance of the lighting. It seems that adjustments need to be made for every lighting change. Improvements in this area will hopefully be seen in the next photo shoot.

Now it's time to get back to woodworking... and the Jeffersonian Book Stand.