Door and Back Glue-ups

To enhance this week's glue-ups, I've selected Honduran mahogany off-cut medallion squares, each topped with a layer of complementary beige mat board. I think I may never find a finer clamping caul.

The cauls were used in a series of twelve glue-ups which completed the assembly of the three doors and the three backs for this buffet cabinet.

Here are the three backs ready to be joined together.

Preparation for assembling the main portion of the cabinet includes making a boring template that will be used to locate the holes for the dowels that will connect the cabinet bottom to the sides, partition and back, as well as to check the size of the panels as they are prepared to be joined.

Next is the final preparation of the end panels and partitions. Below, I've just completed hand planing the bottom of one of the end panels. You can see the mahogany corner post as it is attached to the veneered panel.

Here's a shot of the last shaving taken from the bottom edge of the partition.

Next comes hinge mortising in the end panels and partition so they are ready to receive the doors later on, followed by assembly of the main portion of the cabinet.

Hej då and happy shavings!