Come on in ― the Water's Fine!

It's been a hot and humid summer so far, and that's no news flash for anyone. Fortunately, I've been able to spend quite a bit of time at our guild teaching classes and private lessons, which I enjoy immensely. (They have great air conditioning there, too, so three cheers for that.) But there is weaving to be done, too. So what's the best way to beat the heat and still produce some good stuff? Dive into a pool of these cool, cool colors!

I've mentioned before that I've always loved the water, and the colors associated with it, so I had plenty of these blues and greens on hand in a variety of cool cotton and bamboo yarns. As I look back at what I've created during this heat wave, I see bookmarks, scarves and towels, all in this palette that reminds me of a summer day at the lake. Even the samples I wove as class examples are conspicuously from the cool side of the color wheel.

Fall events are coming up fast, so very soon I'll need to dig into the rich reds, browns, greens and golds that I recently acquired for my Fall and holiday textile offerings. But the temps will have go down a bit more before I dare crack open the box of wools. It seems impossible that the snow will fall in just a few months, but that's Minnesota for you. In the meantime, think cool thoughts....