Cabinet Bottom

I've milled mahogany edgebands for the buffet cabinet bottom. I've also pulled out and milled some maple for the webframe which will be similarly edgebanded and set below the cabinet bottom. Below, are mortises for intermediate rails of the webframe.

Open mortise and tenon joinery will be used at the corners of the webframe. Here are a couple of the mortises cut on the table saw.

Tenons were cut on the bandsaw. I fit the tenon cheeks to the mortises by passing the tenon over a cutter on the shaper; gradually shaving off material until I got a nice fit.

This was followed by some final clean-up in the corners using a chisel.

And then the joints were glued up in several stages.

Even though these joints will be hidden from view, it's still rewarding when everything comes together with nice fit. 

Same goes for the veneered panel joinery; soon to be hidden, but still looking good! Here I've prepared the edge surfaces of the bottom panel for the mahogany edgebands that will be mitered at the corners to match the existing pieces in the client's home.

Next week, I'll wrap up the cabinet bottom and continue work on the sides.

Hej då and happy shavings!