Cabinet Assembly

The cabinets are beginning to take shape this week with the assembly of the sides and bottom. Here I have just completed touching-up the surfaces and wiping on two coats of beeswax polish to the mirror frame and crown. Areas are masked-off where glue will be applied during assembly.

Crown and Mirror Frame Surface Prep

The surfaces are ready and the locator pins will position the parts during glue-up.

Parts ready for Glue-up

The parts will stay clamped overnight allowing time for the glue to set.

Mirror Frame Crown Glue-up

The inner cabinet sides are glued next, setting them flush with the back and bottom of the mirror frame.

Cabinet Side Glue-up

After these parts are assembled, it is necessary to make final adjustments to the fit of the assembly to the cabinet bottom. Getting a proper fit helps to make sure that there is little or no stress built into the glue joint. If all goes well, only light clamping pressure is needed to bring the joint home.

Cabinet Bottom Surface Prep

After paying so much attention to the each of these individual parts, with hours of sawing, boring, chiseling, planing, scraping, sanding, filing, etc., it feels good to see it take shape.

Cabinet Bottom Glue-up

More assembly next week, but in the meantime, I need to make sure I prepare the parts needed for the next phase. I have the partitions and drawer shims rough-cut. Next will be the stiles, rails and panels for the cabinet backs.

Cabinet Back Material Selection