Brass Wall Brackets

I especially enjoy projects when I'm able to create all the parts, even the hardware, right here in the studio. Here I'm making a pair of brass wall brackets for the back of the mirror. These will be set into mortises that allow the mirror to be hung securely on the wall. The holes were bored into the brass bar stock using the drill press and the slot was cut on the mortiser; sorry, no pics. Here you can see the brackets being shaped with sandpaper on the disk sander and by hand.


Once the brass has been shaped and sized, the mortises in the frame are laid out and cut; first with a router and then cleaned up by hand using chisels.


The final test fit. I'll give the brass surface a polish with superfine sandpaper right before fastening it to the frame with brass screws. For now I'll set it aside, touch-up the frame joinery and get going on the construction of the flanking cabinets.