Occasionally, customers will ask me if I would make a smaller, more affordable item for them. They love the look and feel of handwoven textiles, but they were hoping to spend just a little bit less for the special gift they had in mind. I'm always looking for new project ideas, and this got me thinking. Well... how about a little bookmark?

I designed a twill sampler pattern to show off just a few of the myriad 4 shaft twill variations that are possible. The fine bamboo yarn yielded a perfect weight and feel for a bookmark. My first bookmarks were done in pastels, and were popular at the guild sale in November (who doesn't love a nice bookmark?). This next series is made with green and brown organic tones.

Warp Chain

This 2 1/2" warp is the narrowest I've woven for a long time (Once upon a time, I wove a pair of shoelaces!). Although it was quick to dress the loom, at only 88 ends, the weaving needed a different approach. My usual method of throwing the shuttle was not well suited to this narrow warp. I needed to change the position of my arms, bringing my elbows in closer to my body, and use a much smaller motion. I still flick the shuttle, rather than passing it deliberately from one hand to another, which would slow me down considerably.

Throwing the Shuttle

It was strange to weave in this minimalist fashion on my big loom, almost like whispering in an amphitheater. But it created a kind of cozy feeling as I focused my attention on this tiny warp. Having a variety of projects throughout the year really magnifies my sense of satisfaction in this craft. Here is the finished bookmark.

Finished Bookmark