A lot has happened since our last post. The house is up. The garage is up. Gypsum board has been delivered, but that was last September! We seem to have spent most of our time waiting for things to get built while enjoying the beauty of northern Minnesota woodland. Needless to say, autumn arrived a lot sooner than we anticipated. The turning leaves put the pressure on to get moved in.


New machines for the woodworking studio arrived in October.


One too many logs was dropped in the porta-potty.


Snow fell. (Now we're really feeling the pressure. Can we move in yet?)


Finally, it was time for the DIY work to begin. We installed the wood floors on the upper level after painting the ceilings and walls.


At long last, Carol's studio has begun to take shape.


Right before the year-end holidays is always a busy time for us. Even during the home/studio construction, the show must go on, so we took time to set up at four different events. Below, Carol's booth at the Women's Art Festival attracted plenty of customers.


We are so glad to be nearing the end of construction. The experience has been, how you say...interesting. We certainly pushed the limits of the summer cabin we were staying in. It was not designed for sub-zero temps, that's for sure! Several fine-tuning adjustments are yet to be completed, but we finally moved in during December and began the long process of setting up our tools in the new studios. Below is a view from the dining window toward Carol's studio.


Winter sunrise over Studio Tupla. It feels great to be here. There are lots of DIY projects to be completed over the next few years, but it's a welcome satisfaction to feel settled down in our own space once again.


Our focus now is to get our studios up and running as we look optimistically at what 2018 has in store for us. Stay tuned, there's more to come!

Hej då,

Craig and Carol