Time for Trusses

The shape of our new home and studios is getting a little more interesting. Once on the construction site, the trusses go up quickly.

On the inside, Carol's studio space gets some definition, too.

While we're both anxious to get back to our work, we are pausing to enjoy some rest and relaxation, too. We've had quite a number of still days this month. Below is the crystal clear reflection of the dock at our temporary quarters on a beautiful foggy morning.

The outside will be mostly cedar. Carol and I spent some time last week applying finish to the fascia and rake boards before the builder nailed them up.

At last... a tiny bit of the finished exterior has been installed.

Next are the piers for the porch and deck supports. These will need to be built before the last of the trusses and roof rafters are set.

Below is a view out the kitchen window... through the screened porch and the open deck.

We picked blueberries this morning. These aren't the native, wild blueberries, but they grow well here and are delicious.

We hope to plant some blueberries next year and perhaps sometime soon enjoy them on that deck!

Hey då,