Selling the Old

It's a bit unnerving to sell one's home of almost 30 years, but the time has finally come.

We've been planning this move for a long time. The old basement woodworking studio was a bit small at 350 square feet (32,5 m2) in size, with quite a few zigs and zags in the perimeter walls. And, to top it off had a steel column in the middle. We should also mention the 7' (2,1 m) high ceilings. Other than that it was great. The weaving studio had a few more amenities, with nice windows and air conditioning, but was not without its shortcomings as a workspace.

We put our home on the market and were delighted by the response to our listing. Within just a few days we had a signed purchase agreement... and about a month later we were on our way. Our machines and looms are now in storage, awaiting completion of our new place.

Stay tuned, more to come.

Hej då,

Carol & Craig