Wood Framing


After a long wait for the return of the construction crew, the wood framing materials finally arrived, signalling the beginning of a new studio construction phase. The first planks of lumber framed up the remaining walls of the lower level. This is where the woodworking studio will be.


Below is another shot of the lower level showing how the framed walls pick up where the concrete foundation walls leave off.


The result is a nicely leveled surface to support the upper level floor.


With a cap on the foundation, the crews went to work on backfilling around the entire structure as well as installation of the septic tank and drain field.


More of the interior spaces begin to take shape. Below is a shot of the living area from the kitchen. A single open space.


From the living area one can look across toward Carol's weaving studio on the upper level.


Here's an interior shot.


Today, we finally have a front door... or a doorway, at least.

Roof truss delivery was interesting. I could only cringe when I saw the trusses bend and flex as they came off the truck!

I'm told to relax, this is par for the course.

As we await the roof, let's pause for a glimpse at another lakeside sunset.

Hej då,