A New Foundation

Disruption of the site is at its peak! The gaping hole in the ground has been filled with concrete footings and foundation walls. The concrete forms are made of rigid insulation, so we shouldn't have any trouble staying warm this winter.

Not much to do these days but watch the construction and enjoy some time at the lake. We're so lucky to be able to stay at a summer cabin nearby. The sunsets each day are never a disappointment.

The concrete floor slab for the lower level comes next. Below is a view from my new bench room. I anticipate the view will be beautiful once the mountain of dirt finds a better resting place.

Here's a view into the space where all of my machines will be located. My shop is going from 350 ft2 [33 m2] in the old to 800 ft2 [74 m2] in the new.

Below is the Ox-eye Daisy, a beautiful flower that seems to carpet the open areas around here. It's an import from Europe that has, for better or worse, become naturalized into the Minnesota landscape.

As we restore disturbed portions of the site, we'll be studying up on native plants and the best ways to incorporate them into our little corner of the woods.

Hej då,