Construction Begins

Our new driveway begins where the road ends, winding its way through the woods. Such a beautiful place, it was hard to witness the inevitable destruction required to prepare the site for construction. High on our list of priorities is doing our best to restore the land immediately surrounding our home and studios to its more natural state!

The well was drilled, electric power utility lines were trenched-in and the building was staked out. It seems that the glaciers left us at least a 160 foot deep sandbox to play in.

In a sandbox, excavation is easy.

It's a sloping site that will allow our two-story structure to have an entry on each level.

While waiting for the concrete foundation work, we pause to enjoy the occasional passing storm. We have the good fortune of staying in a summer cabin during construction. The view across the lake is always pleasant... and the daily swims aren't too bad for the soul either! When we arrived, the water was around 61° F (16° C), but now is pushing 75° F (24° C).

There was plenty of moisture this spring, so the native trilliums blossomed beautifully!

We'll have more building progress to report next time.

Hej då,