New Studios

Studio Tupla was formed from a deep appreciation for living a life in craft. On a good day, we scarcely notice the difference between working and living. Our home and studios have always been together, but after many years of discovery we eventually came to understand that we had too little space for truly enjoying our work and too much space for living. So what to do?

There were lots of paths we could have followed. We've chosen to build a new home and studios; smaller in some ways, bigger in others. After years of searching for a place and struggling to figure a way to make it happen, we found this place. It's nearly five acres of wooded land in northern Minnesota. Far from being in the wilderness, it's a neighborhood of lovers of the outdoors. Lots of people close by, but with a grand feeling of closeness to nature.

The clearing you see above was cut by the previous owners. Not exactly how we would have gone about it, but we're taking advantage of their good hard work as we plan our new home.

In the photo above, we're looking from where a garage will be, down the hill toward the combined house and studios.

It's such a peaceful place. We're at the end of the road, so not much traffic. Occasionally, a car or truck can be heard driving down the highway about a mile away to the east; and perhaps a motorboat or seaplane can be heard to the west. But the dominant sounds are those from the forest, especially the birds... and at night it is especially quiet.

As we've made preparations to build, we started cutting firewood from the logs left by the previous owners. The woodpile pictured below is just a fraction of what had already been cleared for a building site. Keeping warm should not be a problem.

We're so excited to make this our new home, but we have to be patient. There is much to do before we can move in later this year. And we'd better get to it, because we're temporarily staying in a summer cabin whose plumbing won't function well after the first freeze of autumn!

Unfortunately, for now, our woodworking and weaving activities have been curtailed, but please follow along with our blog as we enjoy the beauty of summer in northern Minnesota and chronicle the building of our new home and studios.

Hej då!