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Upprätt 2

This recently completed armchair has been designed to be used for “active upright sitting,” rather than for lounging or relaxation. In this second iteration of the Upprätt armchair design, several evolutionary refinements are expressed. The chair is a bit taller, extending the outward reach of the increased curves in the legs. Front and back faces of the legs have been beveled, conforming to the lines of the curving seat. All the elements are narrower, lighter, more refined.

The elm wood in this chair was reclaimed from the lake bottom after being submerged for over 150 years since being harvested from an old growth North American forest. This unique, special wood serves to remind us of the importance of preserving a human connection to the natural environment.

This chair’s black walnut predecessor was selected by artist and designer Drew Beson for display in the “West” room as part of the “Make Room: Modern Design Meets Craft” exhibit at the American Craft Council Saint Paul show in April 2016.

For a thorough telling of the story behind the making of this piece, please visit the Studio Tupla blog.


Reclaimed elm and Danish cord


Oil and resin blend


18 1/8" deep x 22 1/8" wide x 32 1/2" tall


SOLD. Last chance for a public viewing of this piece is from now through August 5th at the Winona County History Center as part of a woodworking exhibition entitled "The Art of Fine Furniture."