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Carol Rajala Johnson


My desire to create cloth stems from an early interest in sewing. In my younger days I made a good deal of my own clothes, even some original designs. But I gradually found myself focusing less on the item I was making, and more on the fabric itself. I would carefully follow the paths of the individual threads, and soon I began to see how the different ways they intertwine and interlace could affect the qualities of the cloth as a whole. I felt compelled to learn more, and to weave the cloth myself.

After taking a few introductory classes in handweaving, I have been largely self-taught. Seeing the cloth come into existence as the shuttle is passed back and forth never ceases to fascinate and inspire me. I particularly love how the many facets of weaving engage and challenge both the right and left brain, and how all of the elements of fiber, color, structure and finishing technique are brought together to produce excellent cloth well suited to its purpose.